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The Colors of Magic is a light, collaborative, story-focused, fantasy tabletop RPG about a group of wizard friends.  The game focuses on the characters' beliefs and relationships.

This game uses some ideas I've wanted to test for a long time:

  •  GM "Mad Lib"-style adventure planning built around structured character creation focused on conflicts and relationships as your "stats."
  •  Giving players full authorial control over the broad strokes of the antagonists, conflicts, themes, and setting.
  • Calling the GM the "gamerunner" and the PCs the "protagonist characters"
  • Specifically incorporating non-playing audience members.
  • Really taking advantage of the Script Change safety tool and integrating it throughout the game.
  • Choosing the outcome of risky actions rather than using a randomizer; focusing on balancing the game's outcome choices rather than combat and PC abilities.

The Colors of Magic was written as a submission for the Our Little Foods Game Jam, which gave me an opportunity to write a game about choosing your outcomes.  It's meant as a way to introduce the ideas, above; but it's a playable game!  

Email colorsofmagic@runagame.net with all the typos and errors you find.  Also with any thoughts, experiences, etc. you have playing.  I welcome your feedback!

Updated!  Version 2 now has a table of contents, page numbers, a few small edits (a duplicated section was resolved), and a slightly modified Fast Adventure Planner. 12/20/19


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Character Sheet.pdf 780 kB
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GM Fast Adventure Planner ver 2.pdf 816 kB
The Colors of Magic ver 2.pdf 2 MB
Colors Playmat.pdf 438 kB

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